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Dedicated to global conservation through education.

We create an emotional bond with our animal ambassadors who deliver our very important message.


Who we are

Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Inc.

Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit charitable organization that is dedicated to conservation efforts throughout the globe. Our home-base facility in Southern California provides conservation awareness programs while presenting animals ambassadors from many different countries. 

WeC raises funds from private individuals that support the facility and contribute to worldwide conservation efforts. Patty Perry, the founder and director of WeC also serves as vice president on the board of I.W.C.E.C. (International Wildlife Education Coalition). I.W.C.E.C.is an organization of multifaceted conservation entities from all over the world. It is designed to cultivate, promote, and support viable conservation sources in an effort to preserve our natural world. 

WeC is an accredited member of the Feline Conservation Federation and a professional member of the Zoological Association of America.



Education is our primary focus at WeC. We use live animal ambassadors for our outreach programs. The impact our information delivers to the public is second only to the impact created by the wildlife, themselves. The animals are the real teachers. Many of the people attending our presentations are generations removed from ever having had any contact with a wild animal.To them, Ecosystem just an intangible word. The experience of being "up close and personal" with a wild animal is something that will never leave one’s mind. It creates a personal responsibility towards stewardship. Many of the animals that are used in our shows are non-releasable because they have been left handicapped by the various hazards that humans have created. They are living examples of the subjects about which we teach. WeC offers scheduled onsite tours, presentations to schools, churches, public outreach programs, community events, corporations, and private events.

On-Site Tours

Our on-site tours offer an up close and personal experience with our animals representing countries from all over the world. 

Off-Site Outreach

We visit a variety of venues such as schools, churches, and other educational facilities to deliver our important conservation message. 



Along with our focus on educating the public, we continue to maintain a rehabilitation program for wildlife cases that are brought to our facility. We work with our veterinarians who donate their time to assist us in caring for these amazing creatures. Many of these animals are used in our programs as ambassadors to our message. Most of them are released back to the wild. However, there are some that are left with handicaps that require a captive life. With proper training and care, they adapt well to their new jobs.

The animals come to us from private individuals, veterinary hospitals, and other facilities. We also work closely with law enforcement. Animals that are obtained and owned illegally are confiscated and brought to our facility for evaluation.

We find that the majority of them require treatment and rehabilitation due to problems resulting from an uneducated owner. Most of these cases result in a lifelong "special needs" situation. We also take wildlife from private parties that realize they are "in over their heads" and need confidential help. It is important for people to know that there is a place
for them to go in these situations.



Our number one priority at WeC is that every animal receives the best quality of life possible. We have created healthy diets, exercise, and enrichment techniques, including socialization and interaction. Our habitat structures are designed to provide the optimum living space and comfort for each individual species. Safety for animals and humans is a primary consideration.

Our staff is trained with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the highest level of safety and professionalism.

Working with and around animals always includes patience, positive reinforcement, appropriate discipline and lots of love!


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