Education is our primary focus at WeC. We use live animal ambassadors for our outreach programs. The impact our information delivers to the public is second only to the impact created by the wildlife, themselves. The animals are the real teachers. Many of the people attending our presentations are generations removed from ever having had any contact with a wild animal.To them, Ecosystem just an intangible word. The experience of being "up close and personal" with a wild animal is something that will never leave one’s mind. It creates a personal responsibility towards stewardship. Many of the animals that are used in our shows are non-releasable because they have been left handicapped by the various hazards that humans have created. They are living examples of the subjects about which we teach. WeC offers scheduled onsite tours, presentations to schools, churches, public outreach programs, community events, corporations, and private events.

On-Site Tours

Our on-site tours offer an up close and personal experience with our animals representing countries from all over the world. 

Off-Site Outreach

We visit a variety of venues such as schools, churches, and other educational facilities to deliver our important conservation message.