Along with our focus on educating the public, we continue to maintain a rehabilitation program for wildlife cases that are brought to our facility. We work with our veterinarians who donate their time to assist us in caring for these amazing creatures. Many of these animals are used in our programs as ambassadors to our message. Most of them are released back to the wild. However, there are some that are left with handicaps that require a captive life. With proper training and care, they adapt well to their new jobs.

The animals come to us from private individuals, veterinary hospitals, and other facilities. We also work closely with law enforcement. Animals that are obtained and owned illegally are confiscated and brought to our facility for evaluation.

We find that the majority of them require treatment and rehabilitation due to problems resulting from an uneducated owner. Most of these cases result in a lifelong "special needs" situation. We also take wildlife from private parties that realize they are "in over their heads" and need confidential help. It is important for people to know that there is a place
for them to go in these situations.